Assignment No.3 : Bankable Business Plan Part 1


Assignment No. 3                                                                     30 June 2021

Complete your bankable business plan by focusing on the following topics. Please use the Business Plan Example and handouts provided as guide:

1.      Executive Summary [1 page]

  • Business Concept: What are you selling/manufacturing/providing? To whom? Why?
  • Financial Requirements: Start- up capital/investment/ working capital?
  • Current Business Position: Start-up/ how long in business?/ expansion?
  • Major achievements: If existing business, what has business achieved?/ if start-up, what has owner achieved?

2.      General Company Description [2 -3 pages]

  • Name of the company
  • Type of legal entity i.e. sole proprietor, close corporation, cooperative, etc.
  • Background and history of the business: If not yet in existence, what is the motivation behind starting new business?
  • Ownership: Type/ number of members (partners), etc.
  • Significant assets: Buildings/vehicles/machinery, etc.
  • Vision and Mission statement: e.g. We want to be the best…. in…
  • Goals and objectives; Break down into SMART goals
  • Company strengths and core competencies: List the skills and competencies of members/owners/staff
  • The industry: Which industry do you fit into; e.g. agriculture, manufacturing, etc.

3.      Opportunity, Industry and Market Analysis [1-2 pages]

  • The opportunity Analysis
  • The Industry Analysis
  • The Market Analysis

4.      Strategy [1-2 pages]

  • The focus of the business: broad mass market or a specific niche?
  • How the business will succeed in the market? How will you create a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities?
  • What is unique about the business? How is the offering different from that of competitors?
  • What is the value for the customers? Describe the value proposition for the customer?

5.      Business Model [1 page]

  • The sources of revenue
  • The major costs involved in generating the revenue
  • The profitability of the business (revenue less costs)
  • The investment required to get the business up and running (to get to scale)
  • The critical success factors and assumptions for making the profit model work


Submission Instructions

  • Please use the provided assignment submission template
  • Use Arial Font size 12
  • Please submit a printed copy of your assignment to the Admin Team
  • Any arrangement and clarifications must be sent to

Submission Date: 19 July 2021