Started on January 1, 1970

Being Effective and thrive in your corporate career in the marketplace

The thrive in the marketplace program is aimed at individuals who would like to development themselves with skillsets to navigate the marketplace and deal with challenges. The course program includes:

  • Professional Development and Self-Awareness 
    • Understanding workplace dynamics 
    • Navigating organizational structures 
    • Building a professional image 
    • Online presence and networking 
    • Setting SMART career goals 
    • Prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively 
  • Effective Communication 
    • Building positive relationships with colleagues 
    • Conflict resolution and negotiation skills 
    • Cross-cultural communication : Understanding and navigating cultural differences 
  • Networking and Career Advancement 
    • Identifying areas for professional growth 
    • Building and Leveraging Professional Networks 
    • Creating a career development plan 
  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback 
    • Understanding performance metrics
    • Seeking and utilizing constructive feedback